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  • Surface Mount Assembly
    • Multiple automated pick and place machines
    • Rigid and flexible PCBs, including FR-4, PTFE (Teflon), ceramic and aluminium substrates
    • PCBs for high frequency applications. e.g. RF and microwave circuits
    • Leadless packages including BGA, µBGA (0.4mm pitch), LCC, QFN
    • Packages with fine-pitch leads. e.g. QFP and TSOP (0.3mm)
    • Rectangular chip packages down to imperial 0201 (0.5mm x 0.25mm)
  • Through Hole Assembly
  • Mixed technology assemblies with combinations of both surface mount and through hole components on either side of the PCB
  • Multiple vapour phase (condensation) reflow machines
  • Two Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) machines, including one 3D profiling system
  • Three surface mount production lines consisting of a combination of pick and place and stencil printing machines
  • Two X-ray inspection machines
  • Two centrifugal PCB washing / cleaning machines
  • Cleanliness testing for ionic contamination
  • Advanced rework capabilities
  • Mechanical assembly of PCAs into next highest and final assemblies
  • Prototype assembly
  • Volume production

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