Read about how we worked closely with CSIRO to build 20,000 PCBs for their world-leading Australian Square Kilometre Array Pathfinder (ASKAP) telescope

High Reliability Service

Puzzle Precision is at the forefront of electronic assembly with a strong focus on the critical reliability and defence markets. With our extensive production equipment and capabilities, we can assemble surface mount and through hole components, BGAs, rigid and flexible PCBs and much more.

BGA Specialists

We are highly experienced with BGA assembly, with the capability to fit µBGAs down to 0.4mm pitch, to large heavy BGAs with over 1500 balls.

Our surface mount processes can assemble PCBs with fine pitch devices, and rectangular chips down to 0402 (imperial) sizes.

We can accommodate a range of PCBs, from FR-4, PTFE, ceramic and aluminium substrates. We have numerous happy customers with RF and microwave circuit assemblies.

Assembly Services

Puzzle Precision assembles a wide range of products including:

  • BGA, μBGA, LCC, LGA, QFP packages
  • Samtec connectors
  • RF & Microwave assemblies
  • Ceramic, aluminium and composite PCBs
  • Moisture sensitive components
  • IPC J-STD-001 Class 3 assemblies

Our vapour phase (condensation) reflow processes have been proven to be the superior reflow method for BGA & LCC packages, multi-layered and composite boards. It allows lower maximum reflow temperatures, has minimal temperature differentials across a board and does not suffer from shadowing and other detrimental effects often associated with other reflow techniques.

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Post Assembly Services

In addition to the complete assembly service, we also offer the following as stand-alone services to assist customers:

  • X-ray inspection and analysis
  • Rework and repair
  • BGA reclamation including removal, re-balling and replacement
  • Ionic residue cleanliness testing