Our services feed into a number of diverse products from R&D support through to volume production.

Assembly Services

Puzzle Precision assembles a wide range of products including:

  • BGAs, μBGAs, LCCs, LGAs, QFPs & Samtec connectors
  • RF & Microwave assemblies
  • Ceramic, aluminium and composite PCBs
  • Moisture sensitive components
  • IPC J-STD-001 Class 3 assemblies

Our vapour phase (condensation) reflow processes have been proven to still be the superior reflow method for BGAs & LCCs, multi-layered and composite boards. It allows lower maximum reflow temperatures, has minimal temperature differentials across a board and does not suffer from shadowing and other detrimental effects often associated with other reflow techniques.

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Post Assembly Services

In addition to the complete assembly service, we also offer the following as stand-alone services to assist customers:

  • X-ray inspection and analysis
  • Rework and repair
  • BGA reclamation including removal, re-balling and replacement
  • Ionic residue cleanliness testing