Component Packaging

Reel and Tape

Leader Tape

Please supply at least 200mm of leader tape on each continuous portion of tape.

If leader tape is not available, this can be a simple as ordering extra parts that takes up 200mm of tape. But you need to make sure the tape is in one piece.

Leader tape must be on the correct end, and if the tape is wound on a reel, that it wound in the correct direction.


Surface mount parts packaged in trays must be all facing the same orientation. Parts must be in good solderable condition without any bent leads.

Sticks / Tubes

Typically, SOICs may be packaged in sticks. Make sure these are all facing the same direction in the stick, and that the stick or tube is suitably sized for the part.

Moisture Sensitive Parts

Many semiconductors are moisture sensitive. Moisture sensitive parts must be supplied in packaging compliant with IPC/JEDEC J-STD-033D.

The packaging needs to be in a sealed moisture barrier bag together with desiccant and a humidity indicator card. These parts will almost always come packaged like this direct from the manufacturer.

If you're not sure if the parts are packaged properly, that's okay, we can still use them. But we need to bake the parts in accordance with the standard. For some parts this may be for up to 96 hours.

Parts Requiring Special Handling

Our standard processes may involve cleaning of assemblies with water. You'll need to let us know if any of your parts can not be exposed to water.

Some parts may be be damaged if exposed to high temperature, temperatures that might be considered as a normal part of the soldering process. Let us know if you have any of these parts.

BGAs Ball Grid Arrays

You'll need to let us know the ball alloy composition of all BGAs you are supplying for the board.

This should be the same as your solder alloy requirements. For example, if you require 63% Sn, 37% Pb soldering, then you need to order BGAs with the same ball alloy composition.

If you're not able to order a BGA with the same alloy, that's okay, just let us know first. There may be special handling requirements for us to use it, and it may cost you more for the work.